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MG Rivers Colour Stories

We love Colour. Colours are crucial - they create moods, tell stories, can make you feel amazing. Here is what we feel about our chosen colours :  Obsidian Black, Olive Green, Fuchsia Pink, Mustard, Slate Grey, Navy and Prussian Blue


Some colours possess all the qualities of their popular namesakes. Mustard is sharp, piquant and tangy, it adds a shot of heat to anything it touches. Currently it is fast-tracking its way to be the fashion accent couleur du jour having been seen everywhere from Milan to Paris to London. Not something you’d imagine of this hue? Well that’s why it’s intriguing, because it perhaps seems like it’s a bit out there and edgy, when actually, it’s super-easy to wear.

As a colour in isolation it might appear to be a very “love or loathe” hue. However pair it with  jeans, a dark suit, or even paler colours like sage or beige, and a complex, yet artfully coordinated character emerges, as sedate starts to feel seriously sexy. We love it.  Mustard is just tremendously adaptable: a pinch lends both depth and deliciousness and we think that’s why it is having its “now” moment. It gives an edgy, devil-may-care look, slightly rock, yet not too outrageous.

 Fuchsia Pink

Hot Pink. A truly millennial colour. The 1950’s culture saw us steer away from pink in men’s clothing, negating the fact men have looked better for years with a flush of colour. It takes a true man to wear pink. It’s the new confidant, stylish colour for this century. Our fuchsia pink jumper has white undertones so the colour will flatter and not be garish. Not everyone will like this colour, but those who do pack a punch.


And as Miley Cyrus put it, “Pink isn’t just a colour, it’s an attitude!”


Prussian Blue

A deep teal-like blue is a prevalent, relevant colour this year - probably because it embodies depth as well as warmth, cool with calm, it’s cosily enveloping, yet never overwhelming. It’s one of those colours that has great presence. It really makes a statement, however is very easy to wear. Not as serious as navy, not as bright as cerulean. Worn to the office, worn out to a gig…..Again this sits nicely with most outfits, the new black blue.  



Olive Green

Olive green sits between the warm yellow and the darker green on the colour wheel. Olive green is most often seen in country outdoor clothing. It echoes the colours of life in the country. It is known as an international colour of peace.

Olive green evokes space, wisdom, and compassion for humanity. It is also associated with harmony, diplomacy, and self-love. We think sunshine, life, vitality and also love the fact no-one looks bad in olive green! It suits every skin tone – it is a stunning colour yet can be paired, with no contradiction, with absolutely anything in your wardrobe. This is why we have to launch with Olive Green being one of our favourites. The sunshine is echoed with the coupling of the Cote d’Azur sea blue – think sunshine, think life. We hope you love it too.




Obsidian Black

No other colour conveys as many contradictions as the colour black. Possibly why it’s the most loved colour in fashion. The colour black represents strength, seriousness, power and authority. 

Wearing black can look formal and elegant, evoking discipline, mystery and maybe prestige. We wear black as a simple, easy and strong default. It is a classic sexy colour. Makes you slimmer, chicer and never dates.

“You can have any colour Sir, as long as it’s black” Henry Ford




Slightly gentler than black, the backdrop of the velveteen night sky; navy also signals smartness and discipline, confidence, power and authority. A very upstanding and British hue and a poetic, less extreme alternative to black. It’s a strong and stable foil to most other colours – be they jewel brights, quite pastels or sober neutrals and flatters the full spectrum of skin tones.


Slate Grey


Sublime and subliminal Slate Grey symbolises tranquillity, subtlety and quietude. It is the colour of millennia old rocks and cooing doves alike. Our dark grey is softer and more forgiving than black, signalling a knowing connoisseurship, rather than out and out extremity. We’ve contrasted it with a trim of eloquent heritage hues: crimson, caramel and deep turquoise.


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