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MG Rivers' Yarn

Our Italian Mill

Finding our mill was the result of a careful selection process, taking over 9 months of searching worldwide. The criteria were tough: quality fine knit, artisan finishing, happy sheep, eco-friendly production and humanitarian values. All were equally important.

The yarn manufacturer we have found is a closely guarded secret. Their skilful art of producing the yarn means their entire 3 part production process takes place within their Italian plants. This in our eyes makes it the most authentic yarn available – “Made in Italy”.

The Mill has been running since 1850, achieving sustainable and responsible production and most notably, an ethical focus on their staff illustrated by credible actions like building schools, hospitals and even housing from the very beginning. Their model is similar to that of the British firm Cadburys.


Environmental Protection

Our Mill uses highly sophisticated tools and machinery that optimize energy and water consumption. The use of green energy is a top focus for this company. The water at the end of a colour and washing production cycle is totally purified in an internal purification plant before being returned into the river so no humans, animals or plants are affected. The Mill even reuses the heat generated in the yarn-dyeing plants, for the heating of production areas.


Our 'Noble Yarn'

The “Noble yarn” Is crafted in a secret revolutionary method, by combing the wool to create a super soft, non-itchy yarn, in pure Italian style.

Crucial to their method of creating this yarn is their selecting of the raw material: the wool is chosen with great focus, using only the parts with ultra fineness and purity.

Our yarn is recognised to be the first and unmatched extrafine merino, and has been used by top knitwear producers around the world for over 30 years.

The merino we use is synonymous with quality and innovation. Each year our factory use the best merino possible from top producers. Quality tests are done on the fibre to make sure that its’ quality meets their high standards. They are the only Italian company which undertakes the whole process from raw fibre to finished yarn in Italy. Crucial to the final product is their Quality Control Laboratory – credited INTER WOOL LABS for the Test Methods IWTO – 17 and IWTO – 47. This monitors all of the raw material purchased and verifies the compliance with the required parameters of yarn width, length, and fibre cleanliness.

The teasing, carding and spinning processes use innovative, exclusive, patented technology developed by expert engineers. It is this combination of the very best raw material and the specialist know-how in the preparation and treatment processes which ensures that the resulting 100% extrafine merino wool is an unmatched market leader.

It is this production cycle, beginning with the treatment of the fibres, that brings the best results in terms of softness and resistance to pilling, as well as non-shrinking and washable in the washing machine, albeit we still prefer to handwash.

The cuffs, rib and neck trims use a Merino & Silk blend created in the same factory - Silk adds a wonderful charm, with the sheen and the brilliance it gives to colours.

The blend with superfine merino makes our knitwear a precious item.

The resulting yarns are refined and elegant. The yarns are designed to make snappier knitwear, to create plays of lightness to achieve maximum comfort.

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