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MG Rivers' Sheep

When you’re coveting or wearing your sybaritic, cashmere-touch, hand-finished piece of MG Rivers knitwear, take a moment to think of the animal it came from.

It all starts with sheep and specifically our carefully selected flocks from Australia and New Zealand. Our Mill picks out the animals according to their quality, health and the superb condition of their fleeces. Their nutrition is guaranteed by beautiful lush green pasture that has been irrigated and tended to provide the highest levels of nourishment to them. The sheep are constantly supervised and tended to using a system called ‘animal marking’ which makes sure of their ultimate wellbeing and happiness. In other words, our sheep are happy and well fed!

We are delighted and relieved our sheep were unaffected by the awful recent forest fires in Australia.

When sheep get stressed out it affects the yield of the wool. Therefore our Mill encourages specific methods of animal husbandry where interference is kept to a minimum and only calm sheepdogs are used. Thus any unnecessary herding is avoided. All of this helps produce a very high quality and soft grade of fibre from the fleece.

Our mill has been understanding that kind sheep-raising techniques and working alongside their sheep farmers, maintains excellent results for our yarn.


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